Lighting in House for Modern Life

Aug 07, 2018  |  By Admin

lighting in house for modern life

It is usually the trend that after finishing the house, people are not aware of fitting the modern lightings. If you have good lighting in your home, the environment becomes more delighting. It is better to put different lights in different rooms and according to the room, the lighting should be fixed. Here are some points that you should be careful while setting lighting in the house.

Lighting in different layers

There are three major layers of lighting: ambient, task and accent. Among them, it is regarded good to have at least two lights in a room as they have their own importance and purpose.

Ambient Lighting

ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is necessary for all the rooms. This creates a pleasing experience. This kind of light is gloomy, not the shining. Mainly, the dark sides of different materials in house, these types of lights are set. For example, the upper part of the ceiling fans, backside of the computer monitors, side of AC etc. to get these lightings, people fit different types of LED bulbs. It is not good to use ambient lightings as a main source of light in the room.

Task Lighting

task lighting

Task lighting is the main source of light in your room. The light needed for your room is provided by task light. For the reading purpose in room, to cook in the kitchen and for the bathroom use, task light is set. What types of lightings are required in what type of rooms, how shining lights and how many bulbs should be taken care of.  Generally, lighting CFL bulbs, tube lights are used for the task lighting. Table lamp can be also used for some purposes.

Accent Lighting

accent lighting

This type of lighting is used to show the room more attractive. This is also the complementary lighting of ambient lighting. To add the charm in the painting on the wall, pictures, watch type of decorative things, this type of lightings are used. Different colorful LED bulbs are used for the accent lightings.

What type of lighting for which room?

Entrance Room

entrance room

This is the first impression making room of the house to your relatives and friends. So, all three type of lightings are better to set. The upper part of the room becomes wonderful with the use of Chandelier light.

Meeting Hall

meeting hall

Even the meeting hall becomes wonderful with the use of all three lightings. They make AC, painting, picture and watch more attractive, for which, ambient light and accent lights can be fitted. This room has got some other purposes, so we should not forget to set task lights.


Kitchen light

Kitchen, generally required only the task light. Some people also love to set ambient lights to avoid the shadow of some equipment. The dim light above dining table offers a wonderful experience during the lunch and dinner hours.

Bed Room

bed room

The bedroom should be flexible and comfortable. This experience will be gained by using all the three lighting combining. Table lamp for task light, LED lights around the walls for the ambient and accent lights can be set that creates a wonderful bedroom environment.