Growing Property Market in Nepal

Jul 12, 2018  |  By Admin

Property market Nepal

The property market of Nepal is growing to its zenith after a slowdown for about 5 years. The ratio of buying and selling the houses and lands is increasing, according to the real estate analysis.

The housing company and individual property sellers are getting good markets in the recent years as the transaction has been increased in the real estate by almost 60 percent, compared to the past selling rates. It has been a wonderful news for the real estate industries after staying passive for the past three years.


The price for the residential apartments begins around 25 Lakhs in Kathmandu with a good security system implied for them.

Beside Kathmandu, in terms of selling lands and houses, Bhaktapur Banepa and Dhading are being popular in the property market in the recent years. Bhaktapur is a cultural enterprise with the World Heritage Site. In terms of facilities, Bhaktapur is getting developed tremendously with a well planned infrastructures, schools, hospital and other facilities. When Kathmandu is getting overcrowded and dusty, Bhaktapur has become the area to hunt by the property hunters.

One of the reasons to increase in the property market is the policy of the banks to decrease the interest rate in the real estate business from 18% to 9.5%, that was almost double a couple of years ago.

The projection of the real estate business will be delightful in the future too. It is expected a huge growth in the real estate market after crossing the transition phase and the business is getting a better shape.

Property Advertising in Nepal

Property Advertising Nepal

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