Terms and Conditions

Neo Property in Nepal is a base for your property advertisement. Through our website and different digital media (social media) and paper media, it will be reached to the potential buyers. We have few points as terms and conditions that will be applied while using our services.  

Payment Policy

After your payment is verified, your advertisement will be displayed on our website. We are not obliged to display your ads till we receive the payment. You can pay us by bank deposit or by e-sewa.

Account Details:

Account Number: 4841051119252401

Account Name: Neo Property Pvt. Ltd.

Bank: NIC Asia Bank

Address: Thamel, Kathmandu.

Please, check out our advertisement cost plan.

Normal Cost Plan:– Rs. 6,000

The advertise will be displayed at the home page initially and the space will be taken by the latest advertisement. The former one will go to the inner page display section. All the advertisement will be boosted in facebook. 

(Services: Photo, video and content edit, advertise and boost in facebook)

Featured Cost Plan: (Home Page displays) with all services- Rs. 10,000

The advertise will be displayed  at all page on website and all the advertisement will be boosted in facebook.

(Services: Photo, video and content for the property with field visits, advertise and boost in facebook)

Business Cost Plan: Photo and video service by our team and all the services that we offer. We offer various services including real estate, designing and engineering, exchange, photo and video service along with interior designing. The custom plan cost depends on the services you prefer to get. 

We also advertise your property in the digital media like tv, radio, onlinenews and printed newspapers on your request.

Privacy Policy

We are aware of the privacy of our service users. We just publish the information that we are allowed to and not any amendments will be done without pre-information. It's a direct deal, so we need to provide email address and contact number. If you have any other points to undertake, please, let us know.

Content Submission

The contents will be submitted by the authorized agents of Neo Property. You can   take photos and videos from your phone or camera and send us to our email address: [email protected] if you want to use the featured or custom plan, we visit the site and offer you our professional photography and videography services.


Neo Property in Nepal is not an agent for your property deal, rather it is a base for a direct deal between the sellers and buyers. Thus, we are not liable for any kinds of misunderstanding or confusions. But, we always try to post clear ads that offer details about the property, location and contact.

Copyright Information

All the written materials and published photos/videos on our website or digital media (social media) and paper media are owned by Neo Property Nepal and claims copyright over its use for any purpose.

Content replacement and amendments

Neo Property Nepal holds authority for the change in website content and timely amendments without prior notice. Please, go through our policy, terms and conditions before finalizing if you have any doubts or feel free to contact us.