About Neo Property Nepal

Looking to buy, sell or rent properties in Nepal? Neo Property in Nepal offers a base for the property management, where you can buy, sale or rent the properties of your interest with modern amenities that covers your budget criteria. This is a latest way to advertise your place and assets with sophisticated marketing techniques and easy deal directly with the buyers.

Neo Property has extended its easy online access to the interested people on buying and selling houses, lands, housing, commercial business, and apartments all over Nepal. With numerous services in housing and real estate, Neo Property is a one stop solution to reach up to the interested people to buy your properties. Now, we have come with the latest technology to assist in designing, engineering, exchange and photo video service to advertise your properties.

Neo Property emphasizes on a direct deal between the buyers and sellers so that you do not need any brokers and unnecessary hassle. This is our teamwork platform to make it easy for the property sellers and buyers. It is the best property marketing tool in Nepal.