How to Make a Rental House a Home

Jun 03, 2018  |  By Admin

Rental House

Nowadays, renting a place is becoming more common, especially among young professionals and couples who live in urban areas. The soaring price of properties and the urban limited space make renting more practical and convenient. After all, it’s easier to choose a rental house that is near your work.

Once a unit is turned over to you for rent, you are greeted by an empty, boring space-- far from your idea of a home. Usually, it doesn’t have that warm and comforting vibe of your dream home. But don’t worry, there are ways to transform your rental house to a home you can call your own.

1. Paint your house outside and inside

Paint house outside and inside

Breathe some life to your gloomy space! Add a touch of your personality by picking complementary colors that you like. Paint your walls, doors, cabinets, and furniture. You can even use wallpapers if you want bold patterns and designs.

To make your home more interesting, you can follow a specific interior theme like nautical, vintage, or farm house theme.

Painting your rental house is certainly an easy and inexpensive way of upgrading the look of your humble abode.

Make sure to ask permission from your landlord before you start repainting the house. It helps to show pictures of your house inspiration and convince him that what you are about to accomplish will increase the value of his house.

2. Change your curtains

Change your curtains

If your landlord is such a conformist and doesn’t like your wild ideas, you can try doing a window makeover. You can change your curtains to inject some colour and style to your room.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are online and physical stores that sell affordable and stylish curtains that would suit the theme or interior design you are after.

Another good thing about curtains is that it is easy to bring when you decide to move to another place again.

3. Pick home decors that you love

Pick home decors that you love

Home decors can reflect your personality as a person. Are you minimalist, perfectionist, or a hoarder?

You don’t have to pick smooth, glossy, and expensive home decors.  You are free to choose eclectic trinkets that reflect you as a person. It’s your house after all.

4. Buy furniture that you prefer

Buy furniture that you prefer

If your rental house is a studio type, buy some pieces of furniture to make it more comfortable to live in. A simple sofa, a bean bag, or even a folding chair will do. Put some throw pillows for some accents. Install a smart storage in your kitchen. Make your own free standing pot rack. Create some indoor garden.

There are many possibilities; the choice is yours! It just takes a little bit of clever styling and some dose of inspiration, and you can transform any space into a home.